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Revealed: The Newbie Blogging Mistakes That You MUST Avoid!

If there’s a blogging mistake that can be made, it’s fairly likely that I’ve made it. My blogging journey spans back over a year, and I feel immensely lucky to be able to say that it’s a great source of income, and I love seeing my little blogging empire grow every single month.

Along the way, I’ve realised that there are certain things that I need to avoid doing if this is to be a sustainable business for me. I’ve invested in a lot of learning, and I’ve tried and tested plenty of different things, and so I feel that I have some fairly good advice to share with newbie bloggers who are looking to make their mark in this industry.

Knowing what you should do is important, but it’s equally as important to know about the blogging mistakes that you should avoid. Here are the biggies that you need to be aware of…


Great content is the cornerstone of every blog. You need to be consistently publishing posts that your readers can’t wait to get stuck into. That could be because you share valuable hints and tips, or you entertain them with your own stories and experiences, or you’ve got unique points of view that really make them think.

A big mistake though is to assume that just because your content is on point, you’ll grow. In reality, you need to be investing just as much time – if not more – into promoting your blog. That means being active on social media, networking with other bloggers in your niche, and even getting featured in the press to ramp up your credibility.



When you’re first getting started with blogging, it takes a while before you can realistically expect to be earning an income. Depending on your personal circumstances, cash might be tight. Though the barriers to entry with blogging are low, and you can do plenty without spending a penny, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider making a few small but sensible investments in your new business.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but definitely consider paying for a domain name and hosting. These things will make you look more professional from the start, and will also open up more opportunities to you. Once you’re starting to bring in a regular income, think about how you can reinvest some of it into your blog to help you to maintain and supercharge your growth.


After a while, if you’re consistent, monetisation opportunities can start to roll in thick and fast. This can be really exciting, but keep in mind that just because something could earn you a little chunk of cash, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good idea in the longer term.

Imagine, for example, that a brand contacts you and offers to pay you for a sponsored post. Your readers trust you, so if the products are substandard or the customer service is poor, you’re going to lose their faith in you and it’ll damage your reputation. Don’t damage the long term prospects of your blog to make a quick buck. You’ll definitely regret it. If you’re looking for inspiration with monetising your blog, check out this handy guide from Make Money Without A Job.


The real secret sauce with blogging is simply being consistent. It might sound a little bit boring, but it’s completely true. Though it’s possible to turn your blog into seriously profitable career, it’s vital to recognise that this won’t happen overnight. It takes many, many months of creating great content, building your audience, and getting your readers coming back for more.

These blogging mistakes are easy to make, but they’re also easily avoidable. Create a plan, and get down to work. Though you might sometimes feel like you aren’t making much progress on a day to day basis, you could be looking back at this point in a year from now, and be completely amazed at just how far you’ve come. Enjoy the journey – it’s tough at times, but it’s worth it!