How To Make Your Essay Catchy & Awesome

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to create your own writing style, but there are a lot of abilities to study different secrets of creating a real masterpiece.

Every student who has gotten a task to create an interesting essay on any topic is breaking their head over the methods on how to make it more catchy and awesome. There are a lot of ways to make it interesting for the audience.

Among the numerous characteristics of the successful essay, there is a unique manner of writing, extraordinary thinking, strong structure, persuasive arguments, and others. You should follow a lot of tips to create a really interesting paper.

An essay should be awesome and catch the reader’s attention from the very beginning using different literary techniques. Starting to read a paper, a reader should have a wish to read the text to the end. An author of the essay should present a lot of excellent points and fascinating facts but also use interesting ways of the feed.

This is a very important thing about writing. You can’t convince a reader in your opinion if you don’t own techniques of bright and persuasive handling of the topic. There is a big problem of the students thinking that they are able to use a boring and strict manner of topic handling meeting academic papers.

But they don’t pay attention to the fact that a teacher wants to be interested in the paper. Even if you are writing an essay in this style, it shouldn’t be boring. The good thing is that there are a lot of schticks that can make your text really fascinating and you can use one of them or all together. And now, I’ll provide with several of them.

1. Formulate Your Own Interest to the Subject

The first of them is your personal interest in the subject you are describing. This is really important to be excited in that things you are writing about. The main thing making your reader be interested in your essay is your own interest in the topic. You should be excited about it.

A reader will show your interest in the subject. Your passion for the topic makes the text more alive and engaging adding a real enthusiasm to the words and sentences of your text. It works in the same way as you are chatting to your friend about something and you are excited about the subject of the conversation.

But if you don’t have any enthusiasm about the topic of the paper, problems appear. It’s very difficult to simulate an interest in something and write about it. But I want to provide you with several tips on how to write a paper on the topic you are not interested in:

1. The first piece of advice is to think about the comfort of the reader. You should pay attention to the fact that other people may be interested in the topic you try to cover. You should remember about the reader’s interest and think that the reader of the essay is a great fan of this topic.

2. Pay attention to your mood and the attitude to the text. If you have negative feelings about the subject you are writing about, you should find an interest in this topic. Even if you are not interested in the topic of the essay, you should think of that how much it’s important for other people and which important social problems it arises. It allows you to look at the subject of the essay from a new angle.

3. If you think that you are not able to interest your reader, you can go to different forums or watch different videos, where other people discuss the subject of the paper with an interest and you can draw up the interest of other people. It allows you to immerse in the subject and become a real specialist in this field. When you are writing a paper about this, you will be able to demonstrate your deep knowledge in this field.

4. The next important tip on how to write an excellent essay is using fascinating details in the paper. The worse thing you can do with your paper is handling of a dry subject matter. There are a lot of topics naturally boring for the audience, and all you can do with them is using your natural charm and talent to adorn them.

You can use different exciting schticks that can do your text more alive. If the subject of the essay isn’t so fascinating, you should make it closer to the real world, that a reader can understand it more. For this, you can use real facts from your real life or your friends’ life to make the text speak with the reader.

3. Follow the Style of Other Authors

It’s a great idea to read more books and articles to create your own style. When you read a lot of books, you can take something really important for you from every book or article for you. Writing your paper, you can use different literary methods from them to create your own unique style.

If you have read a piece of the text and you are fascinated about it, it means that an author of the text makes the right things. You can study in this author. If this style is good for you, you can pay attention to the phrases, techniques, and the structure of the text, that you can use them in your own essay.

4. You Should Use an Active Voice

This is a well-known technique used usually in articles and essays. If you use an active voice in your text, it can cause more interest in your reader than you are writing using a passive voice. Using an active voice, you make your text more energetic. This makes your reader feel more about the subject of the essay. If you want your text sound more intellectual or academic, you can use the passive voice, but it will be boring.

5. Pay Attention to Your Own Opinion

Your essay will be boring when you will write about well-known things or facts. A reader can find this information in other articles or essays. You should write about things expressing your own opinion to cause an interest in the reader.

A good essay involves a reader in the subject deeply. Also, a good essay should contain intelligent answers to the questions of the reader. This allows a writer to demonstrate a high academic level but also cause a reader’s interest in the text.

6. Follow Unique Author’s Techniques

Any essay is resembling a story-telling, but it has a wide range of specific characteristics making its style unique. Initially, it should be balanced and objective and contain real facts, but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid all the techniques of the story-telling. You can apply them to make the text more alive and fascinating.

For instance, as in the novel, the introduction plays a very important role to hook a reader from the very beginning, an introductory paragraph is also very important for the essay. Here, you can use different methods to catch a reader’s attention.

You can start the essay from the joke or anecdote, true story from your life or aphorism. All these methods make a reader be interested in the subject from the very beginning. All these methods can become not bad attention-grabbing “hooks” involving a reader in the text.

7. Strong Structure

If you don’t know what exactly to say you risk to be unclear for the reader. That’s why you should well think of the structure of your essay before writing. For this, you can create an outline of the essay previously.

After writing, you should edit and proofread the text. You should delete all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, but also clear the essay from the waffle. Try to read your essay objectively and clear it from the sentences or even paragraphs that are not relevant to the main argument.

Your paper should be comprehensive without any contradictions. You should stay laconic in expressing your thoughts avoiding clunky phrases. While editing the text, you should reduce the number of the unnecessary words and phrases littering the text of the essay.

Following all these tips, you can create a real masterpiece interesting for the audience. Don’t be afraid to risk and create your own style by applying different techniques that you have met earlier in other papers, stories or articles.