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My Dream Restaurant Experience In London

It’s no secret that the pursuit of good food is one of my keenest hobbies. I love spending an evening cooking a beautiful meal for my nearest and dearest. I love ordering my favourite takeaway at the end of a long week. And of course, I especially love heading out to a restaurant to enjoy a real taste of the good life.

I’ve been known to check out online menus month ahead of having a table booked, simply because I like to be able to really give some thought to what I’m going to order. Yep, it’s fairly safe to say that I’m a bit obsessed! So recently, I’ve been thinking about my ideal restaurant experiences, and what it would be like to find a place that ticks all my boxes. It’s good to have dreams, right?

Here are the things that I care about most when it comes to dining out in restaurants

A great selection of wines and cocktails

For me, the drinks are almost as important as the food. Unfortunately, tons of places just really miss the mark in this department. Their wines are overpriced, their staff aren’t knowledgeable enough to answer questions, and the cocktail lists are nothing more than bog standard.

My dream restaurant has an inventive and imaginative drinks list, and staff who are delighted to recommend the best food pairings. It has a thoroughly drinkable house white that’s served by the glass, and the bartenders are encouraged to create their own offerings to add a signature twist. Surely, all this isn’t too much to ask for?!


A menu that’s determined by the seasons

When I’m cooking at home, I make it my mission to use as much seasonal produce as possible. It’s fresher, tastier, cheaper, and challenges me to think creatively and outside of the box. I also really admire that this approach in restaurants.

It’s so refreshing to find a menu that’s based around the seasons, instead of one that remains the same throughout the year. At this time of the year, I’m dreaming of mains served alongside roasted butternut squash and sprouts fried with bacon, and puddings crammed full of apples and blackberries.

Cosy nooks and crannies away from the noise

We often visit restaurants in London to share a little intimacy away from every day life. It’s a break from routine, a chance to reconnect with friends and family, and the last thing that we want is to find ourselves practically sitting on the lap of a complete stranger.

Space might be in short supply in the capital, but I long for a brilliant restaurant that offers seating in secluded booths, and a little peace and quiet. There’s a time and a place for the hustle and the bustle, and that’s definitely not when you’re enjoying some great food!

For the time being, I’m continuing my quest to find the perfect restaurant in London – and of course, having the best possible time along the way. Have you found a location that ticks all these boxes? If so, I’d love to hear about it.